Sunday, August 18, 2013

Coup, Thugs & Violence in Egypt

The Egyptian Security has organized attacks on churches since 1954. The Egyptian government has contrived confrontations between Muslims and Copts to divert people’s attention from government blundering and failures. Nasser, Sadat and Mubarak often used this tactic, but Egyptians have succeeded most of the times to avoid falling into this trap. 
The Egyptian Security has an estimated 300 thousand thugs as registered outlaws available for hire.  Because they are constantly under parole, they can serve only government authorities without hesitation. It deploys them, dressed in galabias with beards and equipped with automatic rifles to do violence.
Thugs have been used to burn churches, terrorize civilians, arson and car theft and occasional assassinations. Recently they have been made to infiltrate demonstrators in order to be pictured among them as a means to brand demonstrators with violence.
Use of thugs increased significantly after January revolution. Anti-coup protesters have been killed by both thugs and security snipers. Thugs have also been used to attack headquarters of the Muslim Brotherhood and to incite violence in order to justify gunfire by security against demonstrators.
The current Coup handed the major government offices to secularists and liberals, who would have never been voted in in free elections. They in turn consider this as a valuable opportunity that should not be let go.  Secularists and liberals in Egypt are not like their Western counterparts.  They are decidedly exclusivist that do not wish to share the government with others.  They have shown strong interest in uprooting their opponents mercilessly.
The overthrow of Mubarak has taken the lives of about one thousand martyrs. Dislodging the coup has already taken many folds. Egyptian liberals and secularists have lost conscience and sense of fairness. They are increasingly losing grip of their moral and human values and show willingness to kill more in order to stay in government.
Myopia tempts Liberals to declare political Islam illegal. Forcing Islamic parties back underground could turn Egypt into the Algerian model.  It could even invite Alqaeda to play its satanic role in Egypt.

Myopia has been encouraged by the support of the Egyptian army leaders.  The have rejected many compromises proposed by people from inside and outside Egypt.  The only possible scenario is the continuation of violence and more of it, unless the world community forces the pro- and anti-coup parties to set to the table and take a compromise.
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